Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Impact
A KONAM Foundation initiative to tap the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in creating social impact.

Mentor Hub

A Robotics/ AI Researcher from Carnegie Mellon University could be a mentor for your next Robotics/ AI related project! Brainstorm your ideas, clear your doubts, and build amazing stuff. The only condition for a project to be accepted for providing mentorship is that it has to have a clear emphasis on how it can create social impact. Simple! Put your thinking caps on, think about an interesting Robotics/ AI related project, sign-up and hear back from us. We are excitedly looking forward to hearing from robotics enthusiasts and aspirants.

AIR can impact

There is an increased discussion that automation may be destroying jobs faster than it's creating new ones and that super-intelligence could spell the end of the human race. But, the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is very rarely pictured in the context of eradicating poverty, ensuring well-being, providing quality education and making cities safe, resilient and sustainable. We would like to change this! Through 'AIR can impact', we hope to start the discussion around how Artificial Intelligence and Robotics can create positive societal impact. Stay tuned for more information. Be a part of the discussion and that of the change!


We believe that partnerships are highly essential in advancing the mission of our initiative and KONAM Foundation. We are welcoming all the for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations, interested in exploring the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in creating social impact. Let’s work together in creating the much-required ecosystem to advance the usage of cutting-edge technologies in the non-profit space. Reach us at to learn more.